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Critical Reading on the PSAT

Are you one of those voracious readers? You know, the kind that snatches every new gigantic novel off the YA shelf and plunges into the mysterious depths with uninhibited, childlike glee? Oh? That’s not you? I’m confusing you with your sister? Oh. That’s okay. You can do well on the Critical Reading Section of the PSAT anyway. No books ...

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GMAT Study Tip

Nervous about taking the GMAT? You're not alone. The phrase “standardized test” has been known to strike fear into the hearts of many students. The good news is that you can do something about it. Take the test! Using a practice test, duplicate the test center conditions. Seat yourself in front of a computer in a quiet, private area. ...

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If you're getting ready to take the GMAT, you're probably wondering if the test is similar to the SAT. It's not. The GMAT is a much more complex test, with questions that cover a broader range of topics. The questions on the GMAT are also much more difficult to answer than the questions that are found on the SAT. Scoring also varies betwe...

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Online Applications to Graduate School

It's graduate school application time! Are you looking forward to filling out all those graduate school applications? It may seem unreasonable, but neatness counts when it comes to completing graduate, medical, and law school applications. Some students scan the forms into their computers for neatly typed applications. But if you're applying to fiv...

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SAT Tips for Test Day

Taking the SAT is stressful for any student. The only way that you can be fully prepared is to study until it hurts. However, there are a few other SAT prep tips that can help you ace the test. (Note: some of these tips may seem simple, but on test day people tend to panic and forget the basics. Stay focused.) SAT Test Centers Make sure...

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Writing Skills on the PSAT

Sure, you can write. But can you figure out what’s wrong with another person's writing? (That’s the hard part.) Contrary to its title, the Writing Skills section (one of three on the PSAT) is not asking you to write anything, per se. It simply identifies whether or not you understand the basics of writing like grammar, usage, mechanics, word...

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College Interviews: The Do’s & Don’ts

A college interview evens the playing field between school candidates. The interview is your chance to tell a school everything that your grades and test scores couldn't. While every interview is a unique experience, there are a few general do's and don'ts that can give you confidence and ensure your success. Do's

The Top 10 Least Expensive Public Law Schools

If the economy has you reconsidering expensive public law schools like the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia, then I'm going to recommend one of the public law schools listed below. According to the U.S. News and World Report, ...

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What Do Graduate Schools Want?

What do graduate admissions committees look for in graduate applicants? Understanding what graduate schools want in applicants is the first step in tailoring your experiences and application to make yourself irresistible to the graduate programs of your dreams. So j...

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Writing an Academic Resume

Your résumé tells us about your education, work experience, extra-curricular involvement, interests and accomplishments. Think about your life experiences and highlight those which are most relevant. Writing an Academic Resume A resume is a short summary of your personal and professional milestones. The content for your resume comes from ...

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PSAT 101 – All About the PSAT Test

All year, your English teacher has been hounding you about scoring well on the PSAT test. Your mom lectured you yesterday about the importance of the PSAT test; your dad promised he’d ground you until you were 27 if you didn’t win a National Merit Scholarship with your score from the stupid PSAT test. You feel all this pressure to do well o...

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TOEFL IBT Breakdown

Each section of the TOEFL IBT can garner you some hefty points. And you’ll need them because most academic institutions require that you score in the intermediate to high range for acceptance. So study away! Below is just the basic section informati...

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Top Ten SAT Test Tips

Taking any test is difficult. We all know that for a fact. But preparing for a test individually will help you out on the composite score, because each type of standardized test is set up with it's own set of rules. You can't take every standardized test the same way! The SAT has its own set of rules that you must know in order to score eff...

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Overcome Test Anxiety in 5 Steps

We've all been there - tapping our pencil, bouncing our knees, wiggling our feet- filled with test anxiety right before the big test. When you're sitting in the desk, it's a little too late to manage your stress physically. Sure, you can take some calming breaths while tensing and relaxing those muscles, but the toughest test anxiety war can be wag...

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LSAT Test Information

Before the LSAT Test, you had the dream: the gleam of light reflecting off the polished wood of the benches; the bang of the gavel echoing in the quiet courtroom after a heavy sentence; the hush of the jury’s thoughts as the last word of your closing argument sin...

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