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SAT has a full form of Scholastic Aptitude Test and Scholastic Assessment Test. SAT exams are a major step from one’s glorious point of view as after clearing SAT with flying colours, it opens the doors to many new avenues and eventually paves way for an acclaimed career. As such, several well established business schools and widely recognised universities rely upon earnest SAT scores during their admission process to various graduate and post graduate courses. The demand for skillful and finely learned managers will always be there and as there are taking place widespread business expansion and economic liberalisation on a large scale across the world, the demand for precisely tuned managers will always be there.

Challenge of SAT:

The exam of SAT is just a way by the virtue of which well acclaimed colleges and business schools around the world gauge the academic ability among the aspiring candidates, especially in the context of mathematics and English language subjects. In other words, the universities and the business colleges intend to assess the learning ability in terms of key subjects among the youth seeking admission. The ultimate objective is to ensure that the candidates would be able to grasp the tutorials and lectures in the English language and they will be skillful enough to progress further swiftly while pursuing advance MBA and advance Accountancy subjects. Hence, under SAT, the papers like critical reading, mathematical concepts as well as logic building and the erstwhile analytical writing tendencies are evaluated at length. Moreover, the SAT exams are managed by the College Board, which is in reality a nonprofit institution. The idea of constituting the College Board was originally perceived by ETS (Education Testing Services). Interestingly, there are proposed scores of fundamental changes in the scoring pattern of SAT which would go on air from 2016 onwards. For example, the 2400 scoring points would be replaced by 1600 points scale and then the paragraph writing questions would also be made optional.

Wisdom Mart: Swift SAT Preparation:

At this stage, we feel honoured to declare that we are a prominent provider of SAT coaching in Delhi since 1999 and we have assisted tens of thousands of bright candidates in these many years while the latter are into the most reputed careers by now. The SAT selection rate of Wisdom Mart has been constant at 97% in the past a few years and then we have specifically associated acclaimed teachers and the ex – university lecturers as well, but of various subjects in a bid to deliver quality and a significant edge over the other students who also grapple with the career challenges. Then, the Wisdom Mart has strategically amassed a huge repository of books, DVDs and Xerox copies of useful questions and exercise materials and the students are advised to carry out a self study and to discuss their doubts and illusions during special sessions meant for such purposes. Besides, there is maintained a student friendly environment at every level of this leading SAT coaching institute so the students can share their doubts and queries with hardly any problems and our students could pursue their studies with their utmost potential. Wisdom Mart has thus appeared as the leading provider of SAT test preparation in Delhi over the past a few years.

Successful Students:

  • Kartik Malik– 2100
  • Rohan – 2200
  • Gazal –2060
  • Ansh Aggarwal – 2150
  • Grania – 2080
  • Rakshit Kalra –1960
  • Dhananjay Gurung – 2010

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