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For Best IELTS Scores, Prepare With Wisdom Mart

Almost anybody who wishes to study abroad, especially at a leading University is expected to be fluent in English. While the language is one spoken universally, It might sometimes be tough for some students, particularly from Asian countries to be able to converse in it.  It is for this reason that most Universities expect students to appear for the IELTS examination, that gauges the student’s English language skills through a standardized test.  The good news is that there are a number of IELTS coaching centres in Delhi that are relatively experienced and equipped to train students for this test, making it fairly possible to score well.  However, it is important to note that while IELTS coaching in Delhi is offered by quite a few organisations, a handful institutes like Wisdom Mart are particularly known for their exceptional coaching and results. Your score will thus not only depend on whether or not you take coaching but also on who you take it from.

About the IELTS

The IELTS is broadly divided into two sections, the Academic version exam and the General training exam.  While the academic version is specifically aimed at students wishing to study in Universities in English speaking countries like U.K, U.S.A, Canada and Europe, the general exam is for those people who intend to migrate to these countries for the purpose of better work opportunities.  Each of these modules, consists of four sections namely reading, writing, speaking and listening. Each of the modules is scored on a band of 0-9. Scores 8 and 9 depict ‘very good’ and ‘expert’ usage of the language respectively. A minimum band score of 7 is expected for students applying in foreign universities and implies ‘good’ usage. The IELTS is structured, and well defined and with the correct and appropriate IELTS preparation in Delhi, one can very easily score well on the test.

Some things to be kept in mind

The IELTS happens every few months and you must take it only when you are well prepared. Make sure you take IELTS training in Delhi from a reputed institute that has expertise in coaching for standardized tests. Also, it has been observed over the years that the reading and writing section of the Academic term exam are tougher to crack as compared to the reading and writing section of the general training exam. This makes it even more important for you as a student, to research your coaching options better and enrol yourself with an institute that specialises in training IELTS to students wishing to study abroad. Lastly, remember to pick an IELTS coaching centre in Delhi that will not only guide you on how to prepare for IELTS but will also give you ample study material, regular mock tests and finally one that will also regularly monitor your performance.

Wisdom Mart – A Trusted Name

Wisdom Mart is a trusted name in the field of coaching since 1999. We have trained over 2.5 lakh students and helped them in understanding the steps on how to prepare for IELTS and other standardized tests.

Our trainers are qualified and even have real time experience in taking the test. They do so to get hands on experience and impart the same via coaching to the students. Our modern facilities, large bank of resources and expert trainers make Wisdom Mart one of the best IELTS coaching centres in Delhi.

If your ultimate goal is to get through a top ranked University or to migrate to an English-speaking country for a well paying job and the IELTS is the only thing that is coming in your way, register with Wisdom Mart now, and be assured of the best results.

Successful Students:

  • Sharika – 8
  • Komal – 7
  • Saurabh –7.5
  • Vijay – 7
  • Parishek – 7
  • Vaibhav –7.5
  • Vishal – 7
  • Atish – 7
  • Sanchit –7.5
  • Nikhil –7.5
  • Vanita –7.5
  • Komal – 7
  • Sagar –7.5
  • Jasneet –7.5

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