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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and it is a well defined and finely ordered test that is administered at exclusive IELTS test centres, across the world, in a bid to assess the level of erstwhile English language among those longing to get enrolled in any world acclaimed foreign university. Hence, such exams of IELTS are conducted and managed by ESOL Examination, British Council and IDP education.

IELTS Exam Type:

The exams of IELTS are generally divided into 2 broad sections, I.e. Academic version exam and the General Training exam. Although both exam types aim at testing the English language ability while the academic version is exclusively perceived and conducted for the students who intend to study in the universities of the English speaking European countries or in US and Canadian business schools. Then, on the other hand, we have the General Training Exam which is exceptionally meant for those who intend to migrate to western countries or who have occupational interests on such English speaking soils. As such, both type of people, I.e. the students intending to study abroad and the prospective migrants have to prove their ability in regard to English language by seeking enrolment in IELTS and the result and transcripts are then filed to the embassy alongside other documents.

Format of IELTS:

Through such IELTS tests, four and the most obvious aspects of English language are sought to be deciphered like speaking, reading, writing and listening. Thus, the underlying objective is to analyse the candidates’ language abilities and the overall level of English language comprehension in such above mentioned aspects, through explicitly developed and standardised tests, like the IELTS. As mentioned above, there exists 2 major versions of IELTS exam, while each module consists of 4 sections. There are writing, reading, writing and listening, as described above.

Scores and Marking Scheme:

Each of the module tests is awarded the band scores and the score bands range between 0 to 9. Apparently, each of the range has an explicit definition in regard to the level of language command. For instance, the band scores of 8 and 9 simply imply that the level of language command is tremendous from “Very Good User” and “Expert User respectively”. Therefore, for securing admissions easily in any world renowned university in a first world country, the candidates need to secure, at the minimum, the band score of 7, which correspondingly refers to “Good User”, as this is an added advantage during their visa application process too.

General Observation:

It is realised and observed over the last a few years that the reading and writing sections of Academic version are harder to crack than the reading and writing parts of the General Training version. This is mainly because of the crucial fact that the examiners aim to test the mental strength of candidates in the context of typical English language. Interestingly, this has been seen as the versatility of English language that those going through the IELTS training course, experience significant upsurge in every form of language use such as in speaking, reading, writing and listening, but while carrying out their exceptional IELTS preparations in Delhi.

Wisdom Mart:

At this crossroad, we pride ourselves to proclaim that we are one of the best IELTS coaching institute in Delhi. Since 1999 and during such a glorious period, more than 2.5 lacs students have leveraged from our acclaimed IELTS expertise and they have managed to seek high band scores too. Besides, we have aligned a greater degree of expertise for producing outstanding results, such as ex-lecturers, university professors and other retired subject experts. Needless to say but all such IELTS trainers are true gems of their fields and have decades of teaching experience behind them. Moreover, many of our teachers get enrolled for real time IELTS exam just in a bit to experience the test and its pattern and exact academic circumstances and to further polish their skills. Therefore, just count on our ceremonious IELTS expertise when time is limited while quality is still desirous. Get registered for a exclusive IELTS training at Wisdom Mart and insure a glorious professional but lifetime tenure anywhere on the foreign soil and with a greater underlying aplomb.

Successful Students:

  • Sharika – 8
  • Komal – 7
  • Saurabh –7.5
  • Vijay – 7
  • Parishek – 7
  • Vaibhav –7.5
  • Vishal – 7
  • Atish – 7
  • Sanchit –7.5
  • Nikhil –7.5
  • Vanita –7.5
  • Komal – 7
  • Sagar –7.5
  • Jasneet –7.5

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