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GMAT Coaching Like None Other!

GMAT or Graduate Management Aptitude Test, is by far among the most important standardised tests that needs to be taken if you wish to apply to post graduate programmes abroad. It is considered as a benchmark test for students wishing to study abroad and is meant to assess English language and Math skills along with the overall aptitude of applicants via a computer based examination.

GMAT is becoming increasing popular, especially for Asian students who wish to get in to top ranked business schools and colleges in the World for graduate programmes like MBA. There are a number of GMAT coaching classes in Delhi that prepare students not only to score well in the exam but also guide them on what score is required for what program and university.


What all does GMAT test?

GMAT does not test business acumen or intelligence, it simply tests analytical writing and problem solving abilities through grammar, geometry and algebra.

The GMAT, in a nutshell tests the following:

Analytical writing - This section is allotted 30 minutes and tests your ability to analyse an argument and either criticise or support it, giving appropriate and adequate pointers for your stand. You will be assessed on your ability to use appropriate vocabulary and phrases.

Integrated Reasoning - This is again given 30 minutes and the types of questions include Multi-Source Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation, Two-Two Part Analysis and Table Analysis.
Quantitative – You get 75 minutes for this section that involves questions on data sufficiency and problem solving.

Verbal - This section includes questions on Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction and you are given 75 minutes to answer them.

How to prepare for GMAT?

The big question on every student’s mind is how to score good marks in GMAT. It is not exactly child’s play but nor is it rocket science. If you prepare well and take professional training from the best GMAT coaching in Delhi NCR, there is no way you cannot bag your required score and get through the University of your Choice. There are a number of steps for preparation of GMAT, which if followed diligently, will help you achieve your desired score.

Firstly, pick a really reputed and efficient GMAT training institute in Delhi. Wisdom Mart is one such institute that has been providing the most competitive GMAT training is known for its success in helping students in GMAT preparation in Delhi NCR.

Secondly, enrol yourself and thirdly attend the classes regularly and attentively.

These institutes will give you mock tests, monitor your time and scores, and give you regular tips on how to improve your scores whilst simultaneously training you with practice exercises and theoretical lectures.

If you do not wish to take coaching, remember to take a base test, then set a desired score, then send at least two-three hours every day to research and study and finally also book your GMAT exam. There are a few practice tests available online that you can avail of, however nothing will match the training you will get from an experienced and reputed training institute, hence preferably enrol yourself with one.

Why choose Wisdom mart?

Since 1999, Wisdom Mart has assisted over 2.5 Lakh students in GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS preparation. The institute has well developed, state of the art infrastructure, best available books and resources and qualified and skilled trainers and expertise like few other institutes.
Our computer lab is open for student access and practise, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week and we have an expansive collection of books, DVD’s and study material that students can refer to at any given time.

Our trainers are always accessible and students can approach them at the institute at any time, for doubts and clarifications without hesitation.
Moreover our training batches never exceed 20 students, thus ensuring personal attention and detailed explanation.
All these facilities thus make Wisdom Mart, one of your best options for GMAT preparation in Delhi.

Successful Students:

  • Tripti Bansal-700
  • Ranika -730
  • Manvinder saxena -740
  • Shikhar Ahuja -750
  • Deepak Bajaj -730
  • Tanu Singhal -750
  • Aashish Gupta -710
  • Naveeta Gaur -740
  • Rahul Gupta -710
  • Rishika Bansal -700
  • Swapna Singhal -710
  • Riddhima Gupta -690

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