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Officers have reported hearing several of following myths when conducting informational sessions for students:

There is a limit to how many student visas are issued each year, so if you apply too late you will be automatically refused. FALSE!

Anyone who is a medical doctor or is going to study medicine will automatically be refused. FALSE!

  • You have to pay the tuition in advance in order to apply for a student visa.   FALSE!
  • If you do not meet a minimum score on any of the standardized test you will automatically be refused.  FALSE!

You may have already guessed from the term “myths” that the answer to each of these questions is an emphatic “NO!” There is no limit on how many student visas are issued every year; there is no bar to visa issuance for medical doctors; there is no requirement that any tuition fees are paid in advance; and there is no minimum score for any standardized test. So the next time you hear one, know that they are just that: myths.

A final question that many students have: What if I am found ineligible for a student visa after an interview? Consulate policy allows for only one personal interview per year. Students may apply for a review by posting their application to the Consulate, and, in some instances, may be called in for a second interview. However, students should only apply for a review if they have new information to present.

It is important to note two things:

(1) the burden of proof is on the applicant, and

(2) to qualify for a student visa a student must meet ALL of the criteria as listed in this article.

Unfortunately, officers do not have the time at the visa window to give counseling to individual students. If found ineligible, review your case thoroughly. When you have new information to present and/or when your circumstances have changed, please feel welcome to apply again.

In conclusion? As in years past, many bright and capable students from India will continue to pursue higher studies in the United States, and will continue to represent a valued segment of college students in the US. We hope that the information in this article will help in getting even more Indian students to American universities. We developed these new procedures to make the process more transparent, customer-friendly, and easier to comprehend.


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