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LSAT Analytical Reasoning Quiz

Think you can do it? Sorry, but this quiz requires that you have javascript turned on. Please turn javascript on in your browser and try again. Here are the directions, as stated in the LSAT Analytical Reasoning Test: This group of questions is based on a brief premise and a set of rules. In answering the questions, you might find it helpfu...

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30 Common English Idioms

Common English Idioms

  1. “24/7”: Twenty-four hours a day; seven days a week; all the time; constantly My little sister irritates me 24/7!
  2. “A short fuse”: A quick temper Jamie is known for his short fuse; just a few days ago he screamed at his coach for not letting him play.
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Current Trends in MBA Admissions

As Wisdom Mart Director, Aditya Jain eats standardized tests for breakfast. While most people enjoy waking up to a cup of coffee and the Metro section, Aditya likes his eggs scrambled with a side of data sufficiency questions. And though that might not exactly be known as the breakfast of champions, Aditya has scored perfectly on every major standa...

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How to Learn GRE Vocabulary

The GRE Verbal section is killer. There isn't a specific GRE Vocabulary section – vocabulary is a part of everything. The four types of questions, (antonyms, reading comprehension, analogies and sentence completions) are chock full of vocabulary words, ones you just ...

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Financial Aid

Financial aid is funding which is used to pay for a student’s education. There are many forms of aid available to those who need it. Get the facts on financial aid below: Types of Financial Aid Grants- A grant is a form of funding that ...

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You may have heard the PSAT with the acronym “NMSQT” attached. When you heard it or saw it, you probably asked yourself a bunch of questions: What is it? Why should I be concerned? Why does everyone always have to use acronyms? If you want to know more about the NMSQT, I’m here to help. If you don’t, then go read something else. ...

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Academic Transcript

What Is an Official Academic Transcript? Your official academic transcript lists all the courses that you have taken and your grades earned. It is "official" because it is sent directly from your college or university t...

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International Student Scholarships Many students fail to pursue scholarships because they believe scholarship competition is so fierce that only the most exceptional students receive awards. The truth is you do not have to be a super st...

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Wharton Admissions

At Wharton, all interviews are equal. There is no advantage or disadvantage to interviewing with staff versus interviewing on campus. Most questions are common interview questions. Topics include: your reasons for wa...

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Quick Tips

Quick Tips

  1. Make your name stand out with Bold Text, Underlining, or ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  2. Keep your resume clear and easy-to-read with one or two different font styles and sizes. Avoid the busy look of too many s...

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Education Loans

An education loan is a form of financial support from any bank or financial institution that enable a student for taking higher education. Availability of the education loan, at the appropriate time will help millions of deserving bright young Indians to achieve their dreams come true. All graduation, post-graduation and professional courses from i...

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What's the Role of GPA ? Your GPA or grade point average is important to admissions committees, not because it signifies your intelligence, but instead because it is a long-term indicator how well you perform your job as student. ...

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GMAT Questions

To better understand the GMAT, you must better understand the questions that are on the test. Computer-Adaptive GMAT Questions Most standardized tests begin with easy questions and then get progressively harder. Computer-adaptive tests are different. The computer-adaptive GMAT always begins by giving you a question that is of medium d...

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Are you wondering if you’d make it at an English-speaking university? Do you have big plans for attending school in New Zealand? Australia? The United States? Canada? The UK? Is your first language something other than English? If your answer to any or all of these questions is a loud, resounding “YES!”, then you should make plans to...

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PSAT Mathematics

How’s your Geometry? Statistics? Probability calculation skills? Rusty, maybe? For your sake, we’ll hope not, because the Math section, one of the three you’ll take on the PSAT, is a doozy. The other two, Critical Reading and Writing Skills will knock your socks off, too, but let’s deal with one problem at a time, okay? The good news? ...

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