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Did you know that the GRE exam is designed to test your general ability rather than your knowledge of a specific area? This is an important secret that can make a big difference between failure and success. It is the main reason why the GRE exam is regarded as a g-loaded exam. The key area that is used in all g-loaded exams to test general knowledge is language. Research has established conclusively that vocabulary is one of the best known indicators of intelligence and is widely used in g-factor tests such as IQ and GRE. Therefore the best way to prepare for your GRE test is to improve your masterly of English vocabulary. In this article, I show you exactly how to achieve this.

Firstly, do you have all that time in your hands to prepare? If you are like most people, you are already too busy and need to save on time. You can improve your vocabulary specifically for GRE test by taking advantage of commonly repeated words that are used in this test. This is why you find so many word lists and flash cards on the Internet that you can use repetitively. These lists would work fine if you had lots of time to spend. However, to make rapid progress, you need to adopt other rapid learning strategies

Secondly, how well do you know English words? The more you know the different uses of a word the better. To prepare to pass your GRE test with ease, it is important to get extra information about regular words used in the exam. Access to thousands of word usage examples combined with special synonym and antonym exercises will boost your learning dramatically. This technique allows you to understand and remember words quite easily.
Another approach that can speed up your learning is auditory simulation. Reading and hearing the words over and over again is guaranteed to accelerate your learning ability by over 50%. Just remember that what you only see you may easily forget. What you see and hear will remain with you for a longer period and particularly inside the exam room! Therefore the more you hear and see the better you become and the easier will you find the exam.

These study techniques are of great help in your preparation for the GRE tests. Use these same techniques with the GRE prep test reviews to build your confidence and produce increasingly better results. It is important that you get your hands on a variety of practice tests that will help you monitor progress and perfect exam techniques. Passing the GRE exam is easy once you understand what is needed and obtain the appropriate preparation material. You do not have to prepare for many weeks and months. Instead, find what other people are using and apply the best study methods described here and you are certain to do very well. Many people are posting impressive grades all the time and you can do it too. Go on and do it.


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