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Sections in the GRE Exam

The GRE Exam has 2 sections – verbal and quantitative. The verbal section is tougher than the quant section. To score high on the GRE verbal, you need to have a strong vocabulary. Engineering & sciencestudents, especially those from Asian countries, have always found the GRE Exam’s quantitative section relatively easier than the verbal section.

Preparation Required for the GRE Exam

You can finish revising math concepts for the GRE Exam in a month or so. However, GRE vocabulary building is a continuous process, that can’t be done in a day or two. The GRE exam does not require you to just cram the concepts. Besides word meanings, you should also be familiar with its usage, synonyms and antonyms.

For instance, in the verbal section of the GRE Exam section, the answer options are closer in meaning, requiring the examinee to understand the context before selecting the correct answer. Merely knowing the meanings of GRE words will not help you in marking the correct answer. The relationship between words and ideas is more important than the dictionary meanings.

Why is Quant Easier in the GRE Exam?
In the quantitative section, there is minimal focus on higher geometry and an increased focus on real life problems, data interpretation and quantitative reasoning. Therefore, quantitative questions in the GRE Examare not tough. Only a few questions are deceptive in nature, requiring one to learn advanced concepts for those topics besides mastering basic concepts.

Irrespective of which section you find more difficult, remember to take as many GRE practice tests as possible. This will help you boost your performance in both sections and score high in the GRE Exam.


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