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GRE Test Prep for MS and Phd Admission: What is GRE ?

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is required for admission to U.S. and Canadian graduate schools. Most students attend graduate school for a master or doctoral degree. The GRE exam does not test any specific knowledge in certain subject. Rather, it tests the “mental intelligence” as well as the ability to make decision under time pressure.

GRE Experimental Section:

In addition to the three scored sections namely: Verbal, Quantitative and AWA, there may be one ‘experimental’ section that looks like one of the scored sections; but does not count toward your score. ETS uses the experimental section to pre-test the questions that will show up on the scored sections of future GREs. It looks just like one of the scored sections, so you won’t be able to identify it. Never try to identify this section, It can be Extremely Costly.

A test-taker may get any of the following GRE CAT combination:

1. AWA (Issue-Argument) – Verbal (experimental) – Verbal (Real) – Quantitative

2. AWA (Issue-Argument) – Verbal (Real) – Verbal (experimental) – Quantitative

3. AWA (Issue-Argument) – Verbal (Real) – Quantitative (experimental) – Quantitative (Real)

4. AWA (Issue-Argument) – Verbal (Real) – Quantitative (Real)- Quantitative (Experimental)

A test taker may also get a direct test pattern without an experimental section.

1 AWA – Verbal – Quantitative
2 AWA – Quantitative – Verbal.

GRE Research Section: 

Some other students have also received research sections instead. The research sections are clearly marked out, and usually involve a bit of money to be earned (if you perform creditably). It is research section for which you bid for US$ 200.00. This one too doesn’t count toward your score. If you solve the research section, then the performance in this section will not affect your official score and vice-versa is also true.


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