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Is GRE compulsory for admission? 

GRE is compulsory for students pursuing an engineering degree. Some schools accept students without a GRE score. Few Universities waive GRE on the basis of undergraduate academic record. The graduate program in Computer Science at Purdue University is one of the very few top programs which do not require the GRE score. TOEFL iBT/IELTS is compulsory for all students wishing to pursue an education in the U.S. However, please keep in mind that it is very tough to get a visa without GRE scores. We can process your application and get you an admission in some schools without test scores. However, you may not get a visa.

For MS in Computer Science at San Jose State University, GRE score is not required if the undergraduate degree is from USA.

So it is possible to get admitted to a US University for MS without GRE score. The following programs waive the GRE score for qualifying candidates:

* California State Univ. at Channel Islands (CS)

* California State Univ. at Northridge (CS)

* Carnegie Mellon University (Physics)

* University of Utah (Chemical Engg)

* University of Pennsylvania (Nursing)


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