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What is the TOEFL Paper Based Test?

The paper-based TOEFL test measures
* Listening Comprehension
* Structure and Written Expression
* Reading Comprehension

TOEFL Paper-based Test

The paper-based TOEFL test has three sections plus a 30-minute writing test (the Test of Written English) that is required of everyone who takes the paper-based test.

* Listening Comprehension measures the ability to understand English as it is spoken in North America.
* Structure and Language measures the ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English.
* Reading Comprehension measures the ability to understand non-technical reading matter.

TOEFL Paper Based Test


Time Limit

No. of Questions
Listening Comprehension 30-40 minutes 50
Structure and Written Expression 25 minutes 40
Reading Comprehension  55 minutes 50
Writing (Test of Written English)  30 minutes 1 Topic
Note: There is no scheduled break during the paper-based test.

Toefl Paper Based Test Centre: 

The Paper-based TOEFL Test is available in India at Hyderabad, Banglore and Trivandrum.

Pavan Asks: Is it good to give TOEFL exam in IBT pattern or PBT pattern? Is there any difference in weightage between these two patterns?
Answer: You can choose any test pattern based your competent areas. There is no difference between weightage. Here is the comparison chart

Total Score Range Comparison-Old Paper Based TOEFL® test vs. New Computer Based TOEFL test
TOEFL Paper Based 440-457 = TOEFL Computer Based 123-137 = TOEFL IBT Based 41-47
TOEFL Paper Based 460-477 = TOEFL Computer Based 140-153 = TOEFL IBT Based 48-53
TOEFL Paper Based 480-497 = TOEFL Computer Based 157-170 = TOEFL IBT Based 54-60
TOEFL Paper Based 500-517 = TOEFL Computer Based 173-187 = TOEFL IBT Based 61-67
TOEFL Paper Based 520-537 = TOEFL Computer Based 190-203 = TOEFL IBT Based 68-75
TOEFL Paper Based 540-553 = TOEFL Computer Based 207-217 = TOEFL IBT Based 76-82
TOEFL Paper Based 560-577 = TOEFL Computer Based 220-233 = TOEFL IBT Based 83-91
TOEFL Paper Based 580-597 = TOEFL Computer Based 237-247 = TOEFL IBT Based 92-99
TOEFL Paper Based 600-620 = TOEFL Computer Based 250-260 = TOEFL IBT Based 100-105
TOEFL Paper Based 623-657 = TOEFL Computer Based 263-283 = TOEFL IBT Based 106-116
TOEFL Paper Based 660-677 = TOEFL Computer Based 287-300 = TOEFL IBT Based 117-120 


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