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Rakhi – GRE 327

I, Rakhi joined Wisdom Mart at the Pitampura center for the GRE preparation which I gave on 28th Sep. 2014. The 4 month preparation at the center helped me a great deal in securing a good score of 327.

The teachers here were highly supportive and helpful whenever I needed them. I would give 80% credit for my success in the exam to my mentors at wisdom mart.

Although I was well versed with Mathematics due to an engineering background, Rakesh Sir provided me with excellent guidance and taught me the best way to approach the problems. The biggest change which I saw within this period was in the Verbal section.

English had always been my weakness but Monila Mam and Vijay Sir made it my strength. On the one hand Monila Mam provided myriad of sources to study, Vijay Sir provided me with the best methods to tackle my fears and improve my intellectual skills.

Not only the teachers helped me in the preparation, the ambience provided at the center was also beneficial for me. There was a computer lab to practice with all the material available to study with no disturbance and I could study on my own at any time.

I am whole heartedly grateful to all the people associated to Wisdom mart who helped me achieve a high score in GRE. I am confident that I would certainly get an admission in the PhD program in USA with these scores in Fall 2015. I wish wisdom mart best of luck and wish that the whole team works in the similar manner to help achieve students success in their respective careers.


GRE student at Wisdom Mart Pitampura
Applying for PhD in USA for Fall 2015


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