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Jasmeet Singh – GRE 1430

Jasmeet Singh is a Chemical Engineer from DCE. He has left for the US in 2008 to pursue his Graduate Study at University of Florida, Gainsville. This is what Jasmeet had to say about Wisdom Mart’s classroom program at Delhi.

“If you are an MS/PhD aspirant, then you need to realize that applying for it is a process with many stages. The first and critical stage is the Graduate Record Examination. Wisdom Mart offers a comprehensive program for tackling this major initial obstacle.

As most of you would know GRE consists of 3 sections verbal, quantitative ability and analytical writing. I scored 660 in verbal, 770 in quants and 4/ 6 in analytical writing. An overall score of 1430/1600 and 4/6 is what I would term a good score.

About GRE, generally the verbal section is tough and needs sustained effort over a period of time, around 3 months, in a variety of different areas like vocabulary building, contextual word meanings and reading comprehension to name a few. A good understanding of relationships between words, similarities and contrasts would help you in answering most of the word list related questions and to an extent it is not wrong to say that GRE is all about words. The techniques taught at Wisdom Mart helped me to get precisely that and enabled me to score well. A revision of 6th to 10th standard math is enough to crack quant and Wisdom Mart has effective course material.

The class material provides lucid examples of how to go about answering questions in a logical way so that even if one encounters new words one can still make a shrewd guess. Also, the class size is optimum ensuring personal interaction. Apart from Wisdom Mart material I used Barrons for vocabulary building and the BigBook for entire test practice. I especially recommend the BigBook because it is a collection of previous GRE questions. It has about 27 tests and a mastery over the book along with the Wisdom Mart material and classroom teaching will help you a great deal.

The 3rd and final portion of the GRE is analytical writing. Most of us are not very comfortable with writing essays given our system of education, therefore I would recommend a lot of practice in this area. At Wisdom Mart, this inability is dealt with deftly. One can practice from a wealth of issue and argument topics and get it analyzed by instructors and improve upon the feedback. Though this section is not given much focus by aspirants it would prepare them for later stages of their application (writing one’s SOP) and higher education (writing papers and theses). Since the analytical writing score is a measure of a person’s logical thinking which is essential for scientific pursuits, it is essential to get a good score in this.”

Jasmeet Singh
Chemical Engineer from DCE
MS: University of Florida, Gainsville


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