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College is more than attending classes. It’s a Lifestyle! Live with students from diverse backgrounds who share and support your interests.
In the United States an international student will benefit from having a peer mentor who is familiar with campus life and individual academic programs. The peer mentor joins you for meals, provides academic assistance and serves as your guide to campus life.

Studying abroad gives you the ultimate college experience. Interacting with a multitude of people with diverse origins makes an International student culturally receptive and adaptive. Small groups of 20-25 students are formed who live in close association with each other, meet regularly for meals, and attend group activities. This makes the transition into the university life easy for the International student.

Academic Lifestyle

Students make groups based on their majors and courses. Sharing and studying in-group is a part of college education.

Business Group

Students can network with other students and learn how to deal with global complexity, emerging technologies, and cultural diversity. International students can also join the professional societies and can participate in the annual Partners in Business Conference series.

Engineering Group

Engineering group organizes design competitions, faculty seminars, and regular tours of local factories. Thus an International student can study with students who share their enthusiasm for the engineering world.

Biologists Group

This is no ordinary ecosystem!

Join other students interested in the life sciences and take part in tours of labs and field sites. The universities encourage foreign students to meet with faculty and seminar speakers and learn about research involving plants, animals, fungi, microbes, evolution, genetics, ecology, behavior, and physiology.

Computer Science Group

Where all the bits come together.

International Students are advised to bring their own computer or otherwise to use those provided in the community lounge, which also houses a useful textbook library. Thus students can make the most of their experience by participating in regular gaming competitions, attending faculty interactions, and joining a professional society.

Community Lifestyles

Located in the Student Living Center, a home away from school, these communities are sponsored by various student clubs and organizations. You will find instant friends with students who share your commitment to campus involvement.

Leadership House – Student Activities

Leadership: Is it in you? International students can live with students who share similar energy, and ambition. Thus they can build upon the skills they learn through regular socials and campus activities.

Global Village
Live in a dynamic community of International and American students who value cultural diversity.

International students can learn about different countries or practice their language skills while participating in cultural events including potlucks and movie festivals. All students are advised to take advantage of regular conversation hours and interaction with native speakers.

Circle of Dreams – Multicultural Student Services

Weave your own story.

All foreign students must join students from a multicultural background with an interest in Native American issues. The International students should meet the members of the Native American Student Council and participate in their annual powwow, consequently building a community of understanding by taking part in regular craft nights and socials.


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