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The application deadline is the last date that an application will be accepted for a given semester. Often the application will specify that all required documents and information must be submitted before the deadline date. Since the admission deliberations may take several weeks or months, to meet the deadlines, start the application process early. However we know, most institutions accept additional information, including improved test scores, after the posted deadlines.

Applying early is an easy way to distinguish your application. This also gives you more time to take and retake and improve the required standardized tests.

Nevertheless, the students should understand that the late applications are sometimes accepted. Awareness of deadlines and importance of applying early notwithstanding, the deadline is NOT more important than the match between applicant and institution. Deadline is a guideline and not a barrier. Despite guideline, the strength of the application, the student’s research interest, and the number of space available can overlook the deadline criteria.

So if you are missing transcripts and standardized score, you may still apply and be accepted.


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