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Established in 1999, Wisdom Mart has emerged over the years, as the front runner institute in the field of global education. Wisdom Mart renders wide range of services pertaining to education abroad, especially for the universities of the countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand. As such, for an efficient handling and for providing holistically professional services, Wisdom Mart is broadly divided into 3 departments, I.e. Training Department, Admissions Section and Visa Consultancy. Needless to mention but the training department is mainly concerned with providing merit based training and test preparation assistance, so that our students could compete with the international academic excellence. While the training session is in progress, the admission section becomes active and earnestly shortlists the universities around the globe, (after examining the students’ credentials and jotting down their preferences and budget) that the students can apply for seeking enrolment.

Wisdom Mart proficiently renders the following services to the hilt:

  • Coaching for GMAT,GRE,SAT,TOEFL & IELTS
  • Visa Counseling
  • Admission Counseling for Study abroad
  • E-Learning Solutions
  • Foreign Exchange Services
  • Application drafts, fee deposits etc
  • Travel/ticketing services
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Airport Pickups


We, at Wisdom Mart firmly proclaim that we provide exclusive training for cracking various exams, like mentioned above and which need to be cleared for reserving one’s seat in the world renowned colleges. As such, we train around 15 thousand students annually at our various branches and for the purpose of providing a truly merit based coaching, we have associated acclaimed stalwarts of the subject fields, such as ex – lecturers, retired professors and academicians. Such trainers have decades of teaching experience behind them. Besides, there have been devised numerous teaching methodologies on the grounds of such immense cum glorious teaching experience. Finally, we have amassed a huge repository of study material, books and DVDs. Also, exclusive doubt clearing sessions are held on weekends and such students are given additional classes, even on one to one basis.

Visa Guidance:

Although, the first world countries, such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the hot favorites in the context of skill building education, but the process of securing students visa is invariably an intricate schedule. Thus, it calls for an expert approach to avoid the waste of (students ‘ precious) time and resources. Moreover, the set of activities that are applied to get a student visa, vary from one course (and country) to another and is typically a lengthy process whereby a skillful approach is needed to keep following up with the embassies and to render the needed documents, when needed. Thus to relieve students from such intricate and multi-disciplinary activities, we at Wisdom Mart intend to thoroughly assist students in accomplishing a range of tasks towards getting a student visa.

In the other words, we will file visa applications, would prepare financial statements and other sound credentials and would submit other docs as and when required and finally would follow up with the concerned embassy. This will be done so that our students could just concentrate on their entrance tests such as GRE, GMAT and SAT and leave their worries on us. Finally, we will also train students for real time interviews and certain other sessions which they may come across while being at the embassy during the closing stages their visa processes.

Admission Counselling:

Professional counselling is of paramount importance when one thinks of studying abroad. It is chiefly because of the fact that there are umpteen number of universities and business schools, which are well acclaimed for their towering excellence. But as a matter of timely fact, there have sprung up several academic institutions in the first world countries in order to bank upon the popular student demand from Asian and African countries. But unfortunately such newly incepted academic institutions do not have much recognition in the top notch companies. At Wisdom Mart, our motto is to serve the best admission related consultancy, hence we specify certain universities and colleges which are well renowned and where our students can get easily enrolled too. In the other words, we do not want our students to compromise upon the least significant academic institutions and to quest for the best one, with a towering acclaim in the global market place so they could hardly face any sort of problems in their professional careers. Our Academic Department would specify the most suitable educational institutions on the basis of candidates’ past records, family budget and other preferences. Our Admission Department rightly boasts of a huge database of acclaimed universities of the first world countries, where the students can easily secure admissions and strive towards their ultimate goals of life.

E-Learning Solutions:

Network based learning or the internet based tutorials have become the most preferred way of picking up the topics and to practice as well. Moreover, as the digital revolution has swept across India at length, we at Wisdom Mart proudly proclaim that we have invested heavily on our online database and the electronic repository of our lessons. Thus, students from anywhere in the world can access our digital tutorials and prepare and practice through a secure internet connection. Besides, our subject experts are available throughout the week (but at specific timings) so that students could discuss their doubts online or through chats and emails. Presently, there are nearly 850 students from all over India and Middle East who seek online tutoring from Wisdom Mart. Finally, as most of the exams like GRE, GMAT and SAT are taken in a computer based framework, thus preparing this way would further equip them to get more refined and thus become more skillful.

Foreign Exchange Services:

The net of foreign exchange transactions is primarily characterized by fraud and gloom, as scores of agencies are indulged in such dealings but through fair and foul means. Therefore, in order to relieve our artless students and their guileless families of such diabolic network of agents and unethical monetary activities, your very own Wisdom Mart has also started providing useful services pertaining to the arrangement of foreign exchange for your travel but in a legal and accepted manner. Nevertheless, having sought the admission and student visa, you can also avail foreign exchange services and get satisfied about this crucial aspect related to foreign study tour.

Application drafts, fee deposits etc:

While seeking the admission, kaleidoscope of activities are performed, such as submitting the copies of mark sheets, filing admission forms, replying to handful of queries and also the important task of keeping the certificates and the mark sheets safe and secure, as these are precious documents of candidates. In wake of this, the process of depositing fees and other charges takes place and extreme care is taken in this part as well. Nevertheless, as Wisdom Mart has been providing useful admission oriented services since 1999, hence we are pretty proficient in rendering these services with 0% lapse. Just come to us while taking stride towards a glorious career.

Travel and Ticketing Services:

In this module too, Wisdom Mart has no parallel as our trusted travel agents can get the tickets and other permissions at discounted rates and in as less as 4 days. After getting visa our travel associates would prepare a checklist of things to be done and other travel documents so our students can get to their career destinations with minimal hardships.

Accommodation Assistance:

In the same context, Wisdom Mart has garnered the support of several professional associates in several cities of the world. They include some of our former students as well, who were sent by us and who are now well placed in leading companies around the globe. Thus they generally oblige us by taking care of their juniors and in getting them comfortable accommodation either within the college hostels or in safe and secure PG settings.

Airport Pickups:

Finally, on reaching the foreign land our travel associates will pick up our students from airport and will take them to their desired locations with ease and comfort, at no cost at all.


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