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Top 10 SAT Books/CDs

Great Start to Studying for the SAT. This guide is essential for a simple reason. It is the only one that provides authentic SAT questions. When preparing for the SAT, it is critical that you practice with test samples using true SAT questions. All the other companies (Barron’s, Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc…) provide imitations of such questions. Some are criticized for being too hard, or too easy. Don’t waste your time and use the real stuff, this College Board guide.

Better Core Material in this Prep Guide.This study guide teaches you the basics to ace the test. It also, however, teaches you several tricks that will help save time and reach the right answer. A good SAT book

This New SAT Prep book goes through each section of the test giving you facts, strategies, review, practice, and explanations that are really useful. I like the essay strategies and most common writing errors (16 for error identification and 15 for improving sentences). A VERY helpful guide!,

This new SAT book covers various types of questions for the Reading section and the Writing section. It has lots and lots of practice for reading section but could have more for writing (the practice tests on the back can cover that).
This New SAT book is perfect for anyone having trouble on the Writing and Critical Reading section. To me, it felt like this book went into much more detail than the basic book that the Princeton Review releases. Even reveals some unknown tactics. Really really good. Worth every penny.

For everyone who wants “the real thing,” the format of Princeton Review’s tests are EXACTLY the same as on the real SAT, font and everything.

Adam Robinson is a genius! Follow his advice and you will ace the New SAT. His latest book is packed with great test taking advice for New SAT.

It does not surprise me that a SAT Prep teacher does not care for this book. If more students bought and used this book, their math score would improve dramatically and the SAT prep teachers would be out of business.

Written in an appealing conversational tone, packed with sound, inciteful advice for tackling the new SAT, and including a valuable instructional CD-ROM, The Rocket Review Revolution is easily the best SAT guide out there.

I found this slightly unorthodox way of learning vocabulary words to be entertaining and practically painless. I would recommend it for any student-in school or not- interested in expanding his or her vocabulary. SAT Prep vocabulary


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