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Additional Score Reporting for TOEFL iBT?
Score recipients can be added or deleted online up until 10:00 p.m. (local test center time) on the day prior to the test date. ETS will send an examinee score record to you and official score reports to institutions 15 business days after you take the test. The printed score report that is mailed to you will contain all of the final section scores as well as your total score.

You can have additional official score reports mailed to institutions you did not identify when you registered to test. Requests can be made by three ways.
1) Online
2) Mail/Postal
3) Fax.

Note:  Telephone score reporting is not available for TOEFL iBT.

Online (credit card or e-check required)

You can order additional score reports online. You will need your registration number to place an order.

* Reports are mailed approximately four to seven working days after your request.
* The fee is $17 for each report ordered.
Note: For Online TOEFL iBT Score reporting visit

By Mail or Fax

* Follow the instructions on the back of the TOEFL iBT Score Report Request form for completing and mailing your request and payment.
* Reports are mailed approximately two weeks after receipt of your request form.
* The fee is $17 for each report ordered.
* If you are paying by credit card, fax your form to 1-610-290-8972. Faxed requests will not be processed unless complete credit card information is provided. If you think your faxed request may not have gone through and you attempt to resend the information, write “DUPLICATE” in large letters on all repeat requests.

Note: Download PDF TOEFL iBT Score Report form here.

Processing Tips

* Do not send a letter with your request.
* Mark identification codes only for institutions you did not provide when you registered to test.
* List no more than eight institutions on one form. To order more than eight reports, use a second form.
* Sign and date the form.
* Include an acceptable form of payment and include the correct amount (reports will only be sent to the number of institutions for which you have paid).


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