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How much SAT Score matter ?

SAT and TOEFL Score 35-50 %
Academic Score 20-30 %
SAT Subject Test 10-20 %
Essay/SOP/LOR 10-20 %
Extracurricular activities at national and International level 0-5 %

SAT Test Faq’s

Pranab: What is the minimum SAT score required to get into top universities in US ?

Answer: There is no minimum SAT score for admission in USA. You can get admission with your SAT score as low as 1500. But for good universities you should aspire for 2000++++.

Gaurav Gupta: I am an prospective undergraduate and I have been admitted into one of the top most Petroleum Engineering university. All I had like to know is, how important are our 12th grade marks even though I have been granted an admission?

Answer: At the time of application as many students are in process of appearing for 12th examination. Universities offer admission based on your previous score in 10th and 11th. Your all academic score carries 20-30% weightage in your application profile.


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