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When you are going to take graduate record examination, GRE for the first time there is lot of excitement and fear of test and score.  It is very important test and to help you understand about the paper here are some of the tips you will find very useful.

How much time to study for GRE?

If possible give yourself around two to three month with a few hours ( 1-4 ) of study every day . The less months or weeks you have more hrs. per days will be needed.

Practice for the test well: 

– Take the Powerprep-I test – GRE POWERPREP is software provided by ETS for the preparation of ETS-GRE. This software can be downloaded from the ETS official website for free.
-For Vocabulary and verbal – Barron’s books are very helpful and mostly recommended, try to memorize memorized Barron’s Basic Word List.
-For math test you can buy Nova’s GRE Math Bible For Quant BUT you have to make sure you understand everything in the book, it is very detailed and has more than enough practices of all levels to grill you on.
-For reading comprehension try to read newspaper and other informative articles online as it will give you some reading practice from computer monitor and enrich your reading comprehension .

Focus on concepts more in Math 

off late GRE has been stressing more on basic math concepts rather than calculations so it is important that your concepts on number theory, statistics , Standard deviation , Mean, Mode , Quadratic equations Series , Number theories , Probability ,Speed and work problems ratios, inequalities, etc. etc. are very much clear with no room for confusion.

Some tips while you are taking the test: 

First an foremost is – use common sense, if some question looks very simple and answer very obvious then stop for while and think again as these kind of questions are framed to lead you towards obvious answer not the correct answer. A clue to a wrong answer is the unrealistic answer, if you are calculating distance between earth and moon and it comes as 500 miles than it may be wrong. A very common reason for wrong answers is trying to imagine everything and not using paper for drawing and calculating.


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