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GRE Test Topics ?

Section Score Range  Numbers of Questions Topics  Time
  ———– Computer Tutorial ———— NA


1-6 2

one Issue
one Argument

45 min for Issue
30 min for Argument

Note: The Analytical Writing section is always first. For the Issue task, two topics will be presented and you will choose one. The Argument task does not present a choice of topics; instead, one topic will be presented.
               ————– Break ———— 10 Minute


200-800 30

6 Sentence Completion,
7 Analogy,
8 Reading Comprehension
9 Antonym

 30 Minute


200-800 28

14 Problem Solving
14 Quantitative Comparison

45 Minute
Total 1600 58 3 Hours Approx
           Total testing time is up to three hours, not including the research section. The directions at the beginning of each section specify the total number of questions in the section and the time allowed for the section.
New Question Types in November 2007
Beginning in November 2007, two new question types will be included in the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the computer-based GRE® General Test. Test takers may see ONE new Verbal question or ONE new Quantitative question or no new questions at all. No test taker will receive more than ONE new question. The new question types are part of the first phase of the General Test improvements that will be introduced gradually over time.The new question types have been through extensive field trials, and the results indicate that they are functioning as intended. The GRE Program will begin counting these question types toward examinee scores as soon as an adequate sample of data from the operational testing environment is available.
Reformatted Reading Passages in Reading Comprehension Questions in January 2008
Beginning in January 2008, the GRE Program will begin including reformatted reading passages in the Verbal Reasoning section of the computer-based GRE® General Test. Currently, reading passages accompanying Reading Comprehension questions contain line numbers that reference specific parts of the passages. Those line numbers will be replaced with highlighting when necessary in order to focus the test taker on specific information in the passage.



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