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10 Best GMAT Books & CDs

Published by the people who administer the GMAT. It is probably the most authentic source of GMAT preparation. The questions in this book are actual GMAT questions. It is a must buy if you are serious about GMAT. It is the best GMAT book among books on GMAT. The Official Guide for GMAT Review-Strongly Recommend

This book has good strategies for the newbie GMAT test taker. It’s true that most of the questions are really tough but I’d certainly rather go in to the test being too prepared than not prepared enough.

Kaplan’s GRE& GMAT Exams Math Workbook, Fourth Edition immerses you in all the math concepts you need to know. With comprehensive review and powerful strategies for every type of question, this intensive workbook provides you with the targeted math training you need to score well on the GRE and GMAT exams.

Included in the Verbal Workout for the GMAT are sample Analytical Writing Assessment essays and valuable tips for ensuring the highest score possible from the E-rater (computer grading system). I think this book is a great start and the best one on the market! Excellent preparation for the GMAT verbal section. Provides a general English usage refresher, how to select the correct answers to tricky questions and how to spot common tricks used by the test creators fool the test taker into answering incorrectly.

The challenging practice and proven strategies you need to get a perfect score on the GMAT. This GMAT book is helpful and contains many good study tips, extensive test questions.The Best GMAT book towards your goal: Score 800.

This book gives one a thorough insight into the essay questions for GMAT. This book is good for people who learn from examples or for people who really have no idea what to write. Non-native speakers of English should take a look at this book if they feel like their writing style is not similar to the English writing style. You DO NOT need to read the book cover to cover. But do read at least 25 or 30 of the essays and pay attention. That will be excellent prep in showing you what a good essay is in terms of organization, length, rhetoric, etc. Well worth a few bucks and a few hours of prep time.

Updated to reflect the most recent GMAT books in the computer-adaptive format, the manual presents a diagnostic test and five full-length practice exams, all with questions answered and explained. Subject review sections concentrate on essay writing, reading comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reasoning in math. The optional CD-ROM simulates test-taking conditions, presenting a computer-adaptive exam and automatically scoring the test-taker’s results

Written by an expert in the field, this is one of the most comprehensive GMAT guides available. The smart test-taker’s choice for comprehensive test practice. In addition to numerous practice questions and exercises, it provides verbal and math skill review, test-taking strategies, and essay-writing analysis. Those who have a lot of time set aside for studying will get the more out of this book than any competitor’s book. CD version will have access to additional practice on the CD.

A revised edition of the popular classic, this title features updated topics to build MBA knowledge. Students and managers alike will learn about management skills, business operations, financial statements, marketing, product development, customer service, strategic planning, information management, and quality management. This GMAT book is a definite help.

The authors tell you up front: “The GMAT is not easy–nor is this GMAT book.” While that may seem daunting, the test is challenging for a reason, and if you want to get into the top business schools, you’ll need to excel in a very competitive field. If you’re willing to work hard, the GMAT Prep Course will show you the ropes and get you to score your best. Its refreshing, no-nonsense style reflects the authors’ insistence that it is hard work, not tricks or insider knowledge, that brings success. An good starter for beginner.”Good Books GMAT.”


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