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SAT Reasoning Test™             $45
SAT Subject Tests™
Basic registration fee 
Language Tests with Listening (add to basic reg. fee) 
All other Subject Tests (add per test to basic reg. fee)
add $20
add $9
Additional Processing Fees (add to test fees)
Register by phone
(available only if you have registered before)
Register by phone
(available only if you have registered before)
Late fee  $23
Standby fee $38 
International processing fee (for students testing in countries other than the United States, U.S. territories, and Puerto Rico) $26
Additional surcharge for testing in India and Pakistan $23
Fees for Receiving Your Scores
Early scores by Web Free
Official score report (automatically mailed after you test) Free
Scores by phone (fee per call)                                                                  $12.50
Fees for Sending Your Scores
Score report requests at registration* 4 reports included
Each additional score report request* $9.50
Rush reporting service $27 plus 
$9.50 for each report
Order additional reports by phone service $10 plus 
$9.50 for each report
Retrieval fee for archived scores (additional fees may apply) . $21
Answer Services Fees
SAT Question-and-Answer Service (QAS)**. $18
SAT Student Answer Service (SAS)** $12
Additional Services Fees
Multiple-choice score verification $50+
Essay score verification $50+
Refund processing fee
(for overpayments and duplicate payments) $7
**Fees are nonrefundable, except those noted with a double asterisk. 
+ Reduced to $25 for fee-waiver users.


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