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Test of English as a Foreign Language, more commonly known as the TOEFL is a standardised test that is required for Indians wanting to study abroad, particularly in English speaking countries. This test primarily gauges one’s ability to comprehend the language and is an important pre-requisite for applicants who have either been offered a scholarship or a job from a first world country. The test is fairly easy for those who are fluent in English but for those who are not, coaching is highly recommended. There are aplenty distinguished and reputed TOEFL coaching institutes in Delhi that can turn you English language skills around, in just a few months and give you the best TOEFL test prep in Delhi. Wisdom Mart is one such institute which is known across the country for imparting quality and consistent education and is a preferred choice among students for TOEFL preparation in Delhi.

How to prepare for the TOEFL?

As a student wishing to take the test, you must be constantly worried about how to prepare for TOEFL. The best way to go about this is to enrol yourself for TOEFL coaching in Delhi. These institutes that impart the coaching, have most likely been in the business for a few years and are familiar with the syllabus, techniques and processes associated with the test. They can not only guide you on where to apply, what to expect, what to study etc but will also conduct regular TOEFL preparation classes at their centre in Delhi, teaching you the fundamentals of English and periodically giving you mock tests to help you score better.

What to study for the TOEFL?

TOEFL is an Internet based test that gauges the four important English Language skills that are crucial for effective communication. To understand better you can go through the following TOEFL course highlights:

Reading - This section contains 3-5 short passages, each passage is followed by anywhere between 12-14 questions. The time allotted is 60- 100 minutes and scoring is reported on a 0-30 scale.

Listening - This particular segment involves listening to 4-6 lectures, each lasting approximately 3-5 minutes long and followed by 6 questions. The time allotted is 60 – 90 minutes and scoring is the same as reading.

Speaking - The time allotted for this segment is 20 minutes and the tasks to be completed are 6 in number. 2 of the tasks include expressing an opinion on a task. The other 4 tasks comprise of speaking, based on what has been read and listened to.

Writing - The writing segment includes 2 tasks and the time allotted is 50 minutes. The scoring is the same as reading, listening and speaking, i.e reporting on a 0-30 scale. 1 of the tasks is to support an opinion on a topic and the other is to write based on what has been read or listened to.

Why trust Wisdom Mart for TOEFL coaching?

Wisdom Mart is a leading TOEFL preparation institute in Delhi that has been training students since 1999. Our expert teachers have coached over 2,50,000 career oriented and ambitious students wishing to study abroad. Our trainers are not only extremely qualified and worthy of imparting the best possible English language skills but also friendly, courteous and very helpful to students. They will act like guides, mentors and friends through your TOEFL journey, which may sometimes get intimidating.

Our expertise and experience makes us one of the best options for TOEFL classes in Delhi.

We have a list of successful students who have not only cleared the test in one go but have also scored extremely well, surpassing their own expectations.

Our knowledge combined with years of experience makes us one of the most renowned TOEFL coaching institutes in Delhi.

Successful Students:

  • Madhri – 112
  • Naveen – 107
  • Rajesh – 105
  • Minni – 118
  • Varshu – 102
  • Nikhil – 105

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