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TOEFL has a promising full form as the Test of English as the foreign language and it is a well-controlled and a well administered test which is conducted to gauge the level of English language and the related comprehension among those who intend to undertake higher studies in English speaking countries. Moreover, the exam is also mandatory for those who are about to be bestowed with honourable scholarships from the first world countries and also for those who are slated to work abroad. TOEFL exams are prescribed for those who strive to secure professional projects and certain occupational contracts from the first world countries where the English language is widely spoken and used in other media.

TOEFL Management:

The TOEFL exams are administered by ETS (Educational Testing Services) and the exams are conducted at various international locations, which are otherwise the exclusive TOEFL centres. In India too, such a test has garnered a towering favour from every strata of society. Finally, TOEFL is totally a digitally enabled test which is given and administered under the high-tech framework across the world.

Test Modules:

As there remain 4 main aspects of English language I.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing, thus TOEFL exam too has 4 broad modules or we can say 4 main sections. Points secured in all of these modules are aggregated and the final score is given on a scale of 0 to 120 points. The details of each of the TOEFL module are as mentioned below:

a). Reading:

Under this section, a passage is generally given which is followed by 36-70 questions, while the duration of the test is marked between 60 to 100 minutes.

b). Listening:

Under this category, audio bytes are played containing lectures and conversations and the candidates need to answer those questions that are based upon such audio clips.

c). Speaking:

This part of TOEFL again has 2 tasks, where an opinion is sought on some given topic and then 4 tasks of speaking about whatever is read and listened to, but within the stipulated time frame of 20 minutes.

d). Writing:

Again, there are given 2 tasks where the first task based upon what is read and listened to, while the second task is either to criticise or to favour an idea, thought or an opinion.

Wisdom Mart: A Class Apart:

Hence, we take extreme pride to declare that we are a premiere TOEFL training institute in New Delhi since 1999 and such a glorious service tenure, nearly 250 thousand career – ambitious candidates have been benefitted by Wisdom Mart’s extreme expertise. Besides, for seeking a yet greater impact, we have aligned highly experienced and the most versatile language trainers. Moreover, our skillful English language faculties are immensely student- friendly and harbor cordial attitude towards youngsters and always prompt them to open their minds and intrigued hearts and support the latter in their every capacity. Excellent TOEFL training and the academic assistance to aim high during such exams has become our strong areas of operations.

Test of Spoken English:

The “Test of Spoken English” or simply T.S.E. largely refers to the versatile command and profound aplomb in carrying out impactful conversation in the erstwhile English language. The student’s success rate is normally found to be higher in their 2nd and 3rd attempts. Besides, one of the major challenges is that the evaluation board always comprises of non Indians and hence one has to speak the kind of English language that is at par with the supreme international standards.

Moreover, acquiring versatile command over the English language skills in its spoken aspect do not only calls for correct use of grammar but the important phonetics angle also plays a dominant role out there. Apparently, most of the times, it is realised that the people have hardships in such endeavor. Hence, at Wisdom Mart, we impart exceptional training so that you pick up extreme mastery over the crucial phonetics and then you should also be able to polish your semantics but on exclusive pragmatic grounds. As such, Wisdom Mart has evolved over the years as the best TOEFL training institute in New Delhi and we are still the most preferred choice among the Indian youngsters.

Successful Students:

  • Madhri – 112
  • Naveen – 107
  • Rajesh – 105
  • Minni – 118
  • Varshu – 102
  • Nikhil – 105

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