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GRE policy states you may take the computer-based GRE exam once per calendar month. If you test more than once per month, your new scores will not be reported and your test fee will be forfeited. All your scores will be written in the report as long as they are valid ( less than 5 years.) thus, if you take the GRE for the 10 times in 3 years ( not more than 5 times in a year and one time in a month) all your scores will be reported. If you even cancel you score, then they will indicate that this person on this date and in this place ( Place of exam- code of it) took the GRE and canceled his/her exam.

Its a varying policy, but the Universities may choose to look at the best score, the average or a combination of both depending upon the strength of the other parts of your application. So you really cannot choose to send “Any Particular” scores. The University will know all your GRE scores in the last 5yrs I believe, for which they keep the record of your examination valid.

However if you do cancel your score, of course you wont be able to see your score, but the record of that exam will not appear in the report as well.


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