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Requirements for F-1 Visa:

If the foreign student advisor believes you have the resources necessary for study in the US, he or she will send you a Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant [F-1] Student Status). You will need to submit this form with your application for a student visa at the American embassy or consulate. You will also have to provide proof of proficiency in English (unless you are enrolling in a language program).

You will also need :

Form DS-156 (Non-Immigrant Visa form available from US consular offices),

A passport (valid up to at least 6 months after the completion of your course),

A 1-1/2 inch square (passport size) photograph (37 mm x 37 mm) showing full face against a light background,

Financial documentation (including both solid & liquid assets) & annual income of the sponsor if any

Visa processing fee.

The following documents of non-immigrant intent can bolster your case further

Letter from the prospective employer.

Reference from somebody known to you who has returned to India after his masters.

Requirement for your masters in your native country.

Visa Fees:

Non-immigrant visa application fee (non-refundable) US $131

Visa fees are payable only via Demand Draft drawn on a national or international bank. The draft should favor of:

For New Delhi

‘US Embassy New Delhi’

For Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai

‘US Consulate General’ (as the city may be)

Important: Please write your complete name and passport number on the back of each draft. Courier/Processing fee (payable by all applicants) RS. 400 Courier/Processing fees may be paid in cash or via a demand draft favoring “T.T. Services”


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