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Acclaimed ACT Trainer in New Delhi

ACT stands for American College Test, and it is a standardized exam as the students’ performance in such exams is evaluated while they try to seek admissions in the top ranked American colleges. The exam is given to test the inclination towards of critical thinking and the overall aptitude among youths and the top ranked colleges are so particular about such exams and lay emphasis on it while they consider about granting admissions in various courses. While t is often said that the exam is a bit difficult and tricky, but still with planned preparation and perpetual practice, great scores can be achieved in such exams. Eventually, students will get to know about the best university for them, after they clear such exams with flying colours. But again, to draw a thrilling performance in such exams, proper knowledge about the exams should be sought and one should be well- aware about its courses, sections and format. There are created scores of ACT preparation courses by the versatile experts of ACT and in case of New Delhi, Wisdom Mart is simply outstanding when it comes to availing practice tests for ACT.


One can get registered for such exams, either online or by courier post, while the former is the most efficient and the quickest way of getting registered out there. However, if one does not own a credit card or is under the age of 13 years, then registering by post will be the most suitable idea. However, the cost of taking exam is around $52.50 but if does not opt for its writing section, then it will be reduced to $36.50 only.

Composition of ACT:

ACT comprises of 4 sections and one optional section of creative writing and then there also exists a unique science section to test the knowledge about this field of study. The exam has following sections:

  1. English: It has 75 questions altogether and the section aims to conclude the command over grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation and the overall attempt. The time limit is 45 minutes.
  2. Reading: this portion has 40 questions and 35 minutes are allotted to complete this task. It basically aims to check depth of reading and comprehension in regard to given passage.
  3. Science: It has 40 questions which are aimed at testing the reasoning ability, data analysis, interpretation and evaluation and there exists 35 minutes to complete this section.
  4. Mathematics: There are given 60 questions and an hour time frame to complete it. Initial algebraic concepts are needed to be checked here such as elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, geometry and some concepts from trigonometry as well.
  5. Writing: This section is optional and whether students should enroll for it, largely depends upon the type of course they intend to opt for and the college as well. There is given a single writing task which needs to be completed within 30 minutes.

Hence, in case of New Delhi when the youngsters are faced with such query as how to prepare for ACT or they intend to enroll for ACT test preparation, they should consult the expert in the field of ACT Test Preparation.


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