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Understanding SAT Questions

Each section of the SAT contains questions that can be divided into three categories: easy, medium, and difficult.

Easy SAT Questions

Easy SAT questions account for 1/3 of the questions included on the SAT test. You will always find the easy SAT questions at the beginning of a test section. Most test takers will get these questions right. But, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. Read and answer the easy SAT questions quickly, but carefully.

Medium SAT Questions

SAT questions that are of medium difficulty also account for 1/3 of the questions on the SAT test. These questions always follow the collection of SAT easy questions. Only half of the people taking the SAT will get the medium SAT questions right. After answering all of the easy questions in each section, concentrate on the sets of medium SAT questions.

Difficult SAT Questions

Difficult SAT questions account for the final 1/3 of the questions on the SAT test. These SAT questions appear at the very end of each SAT test section. Very few test takers will be able to answer these questions successfully. Always try to answer the easy to medium SAT questions before attempting the difficult ones. Your SAT score will be much better for it.