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Online Applications to Graduate School

It’s graduate school application time! Are you looking forward to filling out all those graduate school applications? It may seem unreasonable, but neatness counts when it comes to completing graduate, medical, and law school applications. Some students scan the forms into their computers for neatly typed applications. But if you’re applying to five or more schools, scanning and typing becomes tedious very quickly. There has to be an easier way! Guess what? There is! Ease the tedium of graduate application forms by submitting your application online.

Most colleges offer applicants the option of completing the application on the web. No more waiting for schools to mail you their application forms. No more wondering whether your forms have been received (or lost in the snail mail vacuum!).

If you choose to apply online, create a word processing file with all of your vital information. Cut and paste from the word-processing file to the application form. Perhaps the most difficult part of online applications is searching the web for each school, and then searching each school’s web page for the application form, itself.

For an easy alternative, try a commercial application service, like CollegeNet , that can handle all of your applications at once. You complete one form, and your vital information is added to each application automatically. Attach whatever essays are needed for each school. Enter your credit card number to pay each school’s application fees, and with relatively few clicks, you’re done.