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Key inclusions for recommendation both MS and MBA

MS recommendation starts with introduction in which the context of interaction with the applicant and recommender is established. It includes details like years of association and designation of the recommender. The strengths, skills and qualities of the applicant are shown. It is an assessment of the applicant’s candidature from without and so should be written in a detached style. For MS, three recommendations, two academic and one professional are mostly needed. The information written by the recommenders should be correct. For instance, if the recommender is saying that the applicant scored well in my subject the same should reflect in the applicant’s transcript. The skills and qualities should be projected through appropriate examples and contributions on curricular and extracurricular fronts. Ten adjectives in every paragraph without substantiation make the LOR boastful. It is essential that relevant and good details be provided for the drafting of the LOR and the content of all the three remains different. Repeating information or playing around the same details by merely changing the words will not cerate the required impact.

MBA LORs are mostly in the form of specific questions that dwell around strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, future plans etc. Always adhere to the given format and answer all the questions by confining them to the word limit if it is specified. Give examples merely stating that the applicant is an effective leader will not sound convincing rather an example in which leadership qualities emerge out strongly makes a better impact. Weaknesses are mostly a part of the LOR form as a candidate is bound to have them as well. Choose mild weaknesses and do show what steps the applicant has taken to overcome them. This is important to show that the applicant has a positive attitude and willingness to work on his/her weaknesses. In questions like the most important feedback or most important accomplishment make sure that you give strong examples. Embellishment with words alone does not suffice and solve the purpose of writing a strong LOR. Information should be different in both the LORs.