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Difference between 500 and 750 word MS SOP

When a university specifies its world limit between 500 and 750 words it is clear that the SOP should be to the point and brief. Avoid wordiness and redundancy. In such a SOP draft a response that precisely answers the question. The motivation and purpose behind pursuing MS, goals and why that particular university are the most important aspects to be answered in a short SOP. Cut down all the superfluous details. Clearly talk about your research interest. However, in a 750 word SOP aspects such brief details about academic and professional background and contributions to the university can also be included. Sometimes a short SOP also asks why you should be admitted. To answer it, briefly demonstrate your skills that will make you a strong addition to the university’s research community by highlighting your accomplishments and learning. Show your abilities that will allow you make contributions to research undertakings at the university. It is a good idea to first make a base SOP and then customize it according to the specifications of the universities you are applying to. However, the base SOP also should not be too lengthy. Revise your draft thoroughly to make expressions better and avoid banal expressions. Whether it’s a long SOP or 500-750 word SOP revise 2-3 times and make sure that your final draft is error free. It is always prudent that you plan your standardized tests in a way that you have enough time to prepare all the write-ups. Don’t be in haste and don’t start your work just 2-3 days before the deadline. Start early so that you have ample time and leave no stone unturned to make your application strong.