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Wisdom Mart An Overview

Wisdom Mart: We are a premier admission consultancy and training centre in New Delhi, providing selection-oriented and proficient training to students who apply for admission in universities abroad. Hence, skilled coaching for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT is provided hereby, by eminent experts of the field. We have been operational since 1999 and in these past years, around 3 lacs students have been assisted altogether, in securing promising score points during such exams and to pave way for hassle-free admission in such centres for excellence. In other words, globally acclaimed universities and colleges of the western countries, like the US, the UK, France and Canada, emphasize upon such entrance tests in order to gauge the scholastic efficiency among the students from third world countries and to make if they would be able to compete and contest in the global pool of talent and skills. In case of Wisdom Mart, we have garnered a towering reputation owing to our skill of simplifying the intricate subject concepts during quality training and in easing the functionalities of the foreign universities and their academic set while administering supreme career counseling. As a consequent to such massive acclaim and an all round encouragement, we have flared up our admission guidance and the selection oriented quality test preparation training, to 4 more centers, across New Delhi, in a bid to enable students to leverage more from our towering expertise.

Likewise, on the back of our widespread credibility and acclaim, we have widened the spectrum of our efficient services, with the sole intention of safeguarding the ever-significant students’ interests. For instance, we branched into providing cost-effective career counseling services; we also aid in arrangement of student loans from authorized banks, then our professional advisors also guide in filing visa applications, air ticketing, in securing forex and in opening of students’ bank accounts abroad. Besides, useful pre- departure sessions and guidance on dos and donts while abroad as a student, is also being administered. Further, we have also subsumed strong professional tie-ups with scores of travel and tour companies in various western countries and who are kind enough to pick our students up from the airports and assist them in seeking hostel rooms and /or accommodations as well as in other facilitating services at universities.

Our Accolades: Owing to our relentless adherence to quality service, diligence and career- oriented academic guidance, we have harbour our distinction in various hearts of Indian society and then we also receive scores loads of career assistance requests from other countries as well. .
For instance:

a). One of our training centre has been awarded as ETS certified Test Administering Site owing to our towering expertise in the subject matter,

b). Similarly, one of our coaching institutes has become an authorized TOEFL iBT examination point,

c). Then, we have managed to develop stronger partnerships with world renowned educational publisher Nova Press. The publisher publishes exclusive contents pertaining to exams like GRE, GMAT and SAT and has readily aligned with us, owing to our occupational excellence, while the latter is acknowledged at the other part of the globe too.

d). Wisdom Mart maintains high-end training infrastructure and tons of study material too in order to help students prepare with ease and to develop an edge over their global counterparts, whom they would have to contest with. Needless to mention but, the whole skill building and library set is predominantly digitally enabled.

e). Moreover, we have associated proficient faculties, who generally comprise of university lecturers and retired academicians and thus who have a huge teaching experience of a decade behind them. As such, our trainers are widely regarded as genuine subject gurus, who would go the extra-mile in clearing doubts and in inculcating the concepts in a simplified manner.

“Luck favors those who are prepared…” Here at Wisdom Mart we guide the tender minds of youngsters towards the right and optimum direction in regard to their careers and introduce them to the new ways of learning. We believe that there is present unique talent in each one of us and hence we put efforts in making youth discover themselves in order to bring out their best selves before this challenging world. Your aspirations are our dreams and together we shall carve out the passage to fulfill your career desires and in building a shiny career. At Wisdom Mart, we team up to build a sound foundation for your fledging career, by helping you in getting enrolled into a world-class academic institution for an assured promising career and hence we offer a kaleidoscope of career building services. Be it Test Preparation, Admission Counseling, or helping you Secure student Visa, professional executives at Wisdom Mart shall provide students with excellent guidance, based on our vast knowledge and consummated expertise.  Wisdom Mart is promoted and run by young people and therefore, we enmesh abounding dynamism in our operations. We are quick efficient, analytical, far sighted and we are pretty organized to the hilt and most importantly, we are adept at what we do with hardly any iota of stumbling upon.

During our preparatory sessions, we administer an average of 1000 + video sessions, 1500 + sample papers are practiced for, then over 200 + flash cards are crafted and there is an illustrious team of around 30 counselors and trainers. We have emerged, over the years as the exclusive training institute in New Delhi and precise tutorials pertaining to computer adaptive tests of GRE/GMAT/SAT/IELTS/TOEFL practice series are arranged, in a bid to equip the aspirants with the utmost cutting edge skills and knowledge. Besides, our efforts are targeted to make students well-versed (and hence versatile enough), with the pattern of exams and the digitally enabled framework of question settings, appearance and their required topics. Therefore, for any proficient career guidance, quality test preparation, crucial visa consultancy and support and / or for the range of other issues, kindly rely upon our towering expertise and consummated proficiency. We believe in constituting long term relationships and hence there is perpetuated greater support to students and their families even after their departure and subsequent completion of the courses on foreign soil.

With the help of,, we paved way for more than 15000 students in securing admission to various under-graduate and post graduate programs in American Universities over the past decade. Last four years have been a commendable time for Wisdom Mart and we have helped around 8000 Indian students for admission process in American and Canadian Universities. On a regular basis, we arrange promotional seminars, spot admissions; education fairs etc. in various cities across India to enable delegates and admissions representatives from foreign universities to represent their respective Universities/Colleges and program of study and duration coupled with scores of career prospects. Wisdom Mart has mentored the students to gain admission in the top universities of the world, notable among them are MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg, Wharton, Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, ISB, etc. Finally, more than 50% of the meritorious students have been able to get scholarships and financial aid as well.


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