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Why Wisdom Mart: There exists a wholesome array of reasons that underline the fact that why career-conscious and foreign university aspirants need to opt for the best in the industry. Some of the guiding factors have been mentioned below:

a) Sagacious Faculty: Firstly, the teaching staff at the Wisdom Mart are highly qualified and pretty experienced. Moreover, we have exclusively hired ex professors and retired university lectures and renowned academicians who are packed with decades of experience behind them. As such, our faculties are well acquainted with the subject matter and they have the ability to simplify the conceptual intricacies to a greater extent.

b) Unique and well-determined Tutorials: Secondly, at Wisdom Mart, we have made available skillfully drafted course material which would assist the students in their preparation,. In the other words, as the structural principles are so vital for attempting any exam with confidence and rock solid confidence, ,thus, our subject experts have prepared a wide variety of basic tutorials in order to mould the students’ understanding from the very scratch. At the house of Wisdom, we precisely call it CBL (Concept Builder Lessons) and while going through the CBLs, exclusive doubt clearing sessions are held in every weekend so as to clear the doubts and to revise the topics once more. Also, the students can have a live chat with the faculty members during the week days too, to put forward their doubts and illusions.

c) Exclusive Study Materials: After going through the CBLs thoroughly, our students will be made capable of attempting all the questions and in a given subject, with precision. Beyond that, tons of study materials and hundreds of practice papers are also to be completed during the study sessions. Moreover, exclusive study materials are developed by our scholars for a range of exams, such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT and IELTS and such practice material is are regularly reviewed and revised. Needless to mention but in the concluding sessions of the training, mock tests are conducted in real time computerised format and strict marking scheme is adhered to and minute analysis is carried out in order judge the real depth of each student precisely.

d) Test Analysis Engine: Wisdom Mart prides itself to state that we have invested heavily in technology and in securing state of the art training machinery and equipments for an advanced learning experience. Besides, after each (digitally enabled ) practice session, we analyse the candidate’ performance and develop various types of reports through our customized software, which we refer to as Test Analysis Engine and we endeavour to close-in to ascertain the following key info:
1. Difficulty level,
2. Time taken to answer each question,
3. Percentile for each question,
4. Overall Percentile.

f) Group Discussion: “Together We Grow” is one of the mottos of Wisdom Mart and hence regular sessions of Group Discussion are held where subjects and selected topics are harped upon. Apart from this, other students are also tried to be motivated through such group discussions as they get an insight into other students’ preparation and practice levels. Also, efforts are made to make the candidates more expressive, assertive and also to enhance their preparation and communication skills. Finally, such sessions also pave way for team work and enable collective practices and facilitate interaction among the inmates which eventually transforms into a life long friendship.

What we do at Wisdom Mart?


After having assessed the students’ credentials, we outline the suitable colleges and universities and initiate the admission processes. We strive hard to identify the right schools for you on the basis of your academic performance of the past and in-line with your futuristic aspirations. Thus, selecting the right institution is pretty vital for your career.

As such, owing to our rich experience in seeking successful admissions for our students, we have garnered a towering reputation and a celebrated history of our past 15 years of glorious accomplishments.

School Selection: We start with identifying the right schools based on what you have achieved in the past, your current candidature, and what you want to establish in the long term. Every school has a personality of its own, and it is very critical to pick the right match as you go along the path of making a great career.

Employment History: Creating a strong work employment history that magnifies your chances of gaining admittance to your school. This is separate from your resume, and deeply defines your roles and responsibilities in your current and previous organizations.

Resume: Helping you create a strong marketing document that is easily understandable by the people from various backgrounds in the admissions committee. Most of the schools need a one pager, and our goal is to help you create a document with an appropriate mix of key personality attributes, right keywords, and a brilliant presentation.

Networking: It is a very critical part of the application process as we start applying to the schools. We help you build up a strong network with the student/office representatives at your dream school and get you in to the flow.

Essays:Our job is to brilliantly express your thought process on the school essay topics by

  • Identifying situations that would delineate the qualities that the essay is looking for
  • Broad based consultation on over all essay strategy
  • Brainstorming, outlining and the complete editing of all the school essays

Interviews: We do endless mock interviews for all the schools. Interviews now play a vital role in your selection to the top global schools. We prepare you for interview responses to more than 50 frequently asked questions in the interviews. Also, a lot of top b-schools are morphing from “Fixed Interview Question” style to “Conversational” interview styles, and we provide complete support for those as well.
We offer support to applicants applying to schools in Asia, US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and other international destinations. In order to get started, you may book an appointment with our counselors by CLICKING HERE

If you have more questions or are not sure about what offering would best suit your needs, please submit a request and our admissions representative will get in touch with you shortly.

Best of luck!
Wisdom Mart Team


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