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Wisdom Mart is an educational institution that aims towards a better tomorrow for generation of today. Wisdom Mart is a professional organization, which is one of its own kind. Wisdom Mart provides a complete guidance for students who want to pursue their higher education in Canadian and American universities. Wisdom Mart not only helps it students to be an eligible candidate for US universities, but also teach them about foreign educational system and it’s working.

Wisdom Mart was founded by Pankaj Jain in year 1999. He is the driving force behind the successful working of this organization. Pankaj came back to India to create awareness among the Indian students’ of the opportunities available in United States. His mission was to help his fellow Indians to avail the similar kind of opportunities that he had had during his stay in United States.

Pankaj Jain completed his undergraduate education with a full scholarship at Towson University in the United States in 1998 and completed his MBA program from Clarkson University in year 1999.

During his frequent visits to India, he realized that the people here are in need of proper guidance when applying to American and Canadian universities. Having closely worked with universities there, he was well versed with their procedure and admission requirements. He understood the importance of a good SAT and GMAT/GRE score for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

He identified that most of Indian students applied to American universities were not entirely certain why they had selected a particular college over another. Besides meeting several students from India in the same boat, there were students from other Asian countries also who were uncertain about their choice of college. What made it worse was the fact there were several who did not receive scholarships due to lack of awareness even though they had required finance and academic qualifications.

In the summer of 1999, Pankaj attracted aspiring candidates who saw their dreams being realized in America, but did not know how to go about it. Thus Wisdom Mart was born to assist Indian students in realizing their dreams. Today there are more than 100 prospective candidates who are using the services of Wisdom Mart.


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