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1. Losing Track of Time in the GRE Test

You will have to pay high penalty for the questions you do not answer in the GRE. As you approach the end of the section and time is about to expire, move rapidly. Allocate equal time for questions, keeping in mind that you must answer all of them. Leaving a GRE Test question unanswered will negatively impact your performance.

2. Losing Time on Questions in the GRE Test

Don’t get stuck on one particular question for too long. You will lose precious time and miss questions you could have easily done. This is observed for both the sections in the GRE Test. By the time you have finished your GRE prep, you should have a good estimate of how much time you can give to a particular question in the GRE Test.

3. Hurrying Through First Few Questions in GRE Test

Our natural tendency is to proceed quickly in the beginning but this should be avoided during the GRE Test as the first few questions impact your GRE Scores more than the later ones. Make sure to double check EVERY answer for the first ten questions.

4.  Delaying Registration for the GRE Test

Students are often found to delay GRE Registration, trying to decide the optimal time. As a consequence, they are not able to study seriously for the GRE. It is observed that once a student has registered for theGRE Test, she/he can make a GRE study plan based on the time available. Also, by delaying GRE Registration, you might not be able to get the date of your choice.

5. GRE Test: Verbal Section Mistakes

GRE Antonyms: Do not cram GRE word meanings. When looking for the meaning of a word, understand its usage and look for the secondary meaning(s) of the word.

GRE RC’s: The answer choice may restate part of the passage nearly verbatim. Such answer choices may seem tempting, but they may not be the correct answer. Apart from these commonly observed errors, another

Taking free GRE sample tests will help you iron out such mistakes. Just remember, a consistent approach is the key to doing well on the GRE Test


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